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Yixian County,Hebei Province - World Cultured Stone Center ,near Xingang Port,Tianjin City

Our factory manufacturer natural cultured stone panels, cultured stone veneer, cultural stone ledge stone,decor cultured stacked stone,cultured marble stone siding, flooring slate tile, roofing slate tile, mushroom stone,slate mosaic pattern tiles, cultured stone fireplace mantel frame surround, slate paving stone. Welcome to visit Yixian and get the cost of cultured stone, cultured stone pricing and how to installing cultured stone. 

Slate Cultured Stone Narrow Stacked Stone Tumbled Wall Stone Mountain Stone
rusty slate wall stone panel rusty ledge wall cladding stone rust slate ledge wall stone veneer
SV-1 SV-2 SV-3
golden sunset slate ledge stone P014 ledge wall cladding stone beige slate ledge wall stone
SV-4 SV-5 SV-6
beige ledge wall stone beige color slate wall stone p014 slate ledge stone
SV-7 SV-8 SV-9
p014 wall stone panel green and grey slate ledge wall stone slate cladding stone veneer
SV-10 SV-11 SV-12
black slate rough surface wall cladding stone black slate ledge wall stone black slate ledge stone
SV-13 SV-14 SV-15
grey rough wall cladding stone panel gray slate wall stone panel grey slate ledge stone factory
SV-16 SV-17 SV-18
green slate ledge stone factory green slate ledge wall stone green ledge wall cladding stone panel
SV-19 SV-20 SV-21

Popular cultured stone products --- High quality , Cheap price !

Cultured Stone , also called the "ledge wall stone,stack stone, stone walls, and culture stone, stone veneer, the culture stone or accumulation from wall. Stone by stone windowsill is natural, you can see their natural texture and veins Cultured Stone. So, no matter you install wall rock indoor or outdoor, its texture, intravenous looks good. The house owner's exquisite psionic display.
We can use the slate and quartzite, sandstone, marble, granite rocks make ledge wall stone. Different kinds of materials can show us their special material and colour. We have developed more than 300 kinds cultured stone.

Available Size: 60x15cm, 45x15cm, 35x18cm, 40X20cm, 30X10cm, Z Type. or Customer request.

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